Photo by Ryan Quintal on Unsplash

This week I decided to use Bootstrap to help me create a website celebrating my older sister. My sisters are my best friends, and my older sister turned 30 on Friday and I got really excited to make something for her. The process was made a little more smooth by the content. I was laughing through the videos and pictures that I have collected of her over the years, and I wanted it to be cool and clean.

I went into Bootstrap, and with the help of my classmate Heather, figured out how to get the Bootstrap code packages into VSCode fairly easy (thank you to Heather for the video instructions!). I decided to add a few elements that I have seen on other webpages into my own content. I added a header and a footer, a carousel of pictures, and then some cards with text and pictures. It is clear why folks use Bootstrap to website build because they make the code as simple as possible for people to copy, paste, and customize. For a framework, it is very user friendly.

I did get stuck a few times on the HTML v CSS v Javascript, and then how to make the code so that it is Bootstrap-friendly. I need to utilize comments more in VSCode because I definitely had some confusion over which chunk of code went to which part of the site at times. Here is a link to my Github Repo:

Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was more due to the content, and then watching everything “come alive” on the screen.